The Wild Geese

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The Wild Geese

About The Wild Geese

R TV-MA | 128 min | Drama, Adventure, Action, War | 1978
The plot of this of this adaptation of the Daniel Carney's novel, sprinkled throughout a series of extended Sam Peckinpah-inspired action sequences, deals with a collection of mercenary toughguys ? Colonel Allen Faulkner (Richard Burton), Lieutenant Shawn Fynn (Roger Moore), Rafer Janders (Richard Harris), Pieter Coetzee (Hardy Kruger) ? who are hired to parachute into the African bush country and abscond with deposed African president Julius Limbani (Winston Ntshona) and reinstall him as a reigning monarch of an African country, to satisfy British mercantile interests. The action sequences were successful enough to spawn a sequel ? appropriately titled Wild Geese II.


Richard Burton, Richard Harris, Roger Moore


Andrew V. McLaglen