• sniper-2

    Sniper 2

    A former Marine sniper is lured back in on a top-secret mission to take out a Serbian general who is committing atrocities on the Muslim population.

  • Company Of Heroes

    Company of Heroes

    During the last major German offensive of WWII, a group of daring American soldiers set out to turn the war against all odds. Their mission will take them deep into German territory to derail Nazi efforts.

  • Looper


    In a world where time travel has been perfect, the government sends assassins back in time to eliminate some of the most dangerous criminals to ever live.

  • Loose Cannons

    Loose Cannons

    He's a veteran cop who had seen it all... until he got a look at his new partner.

  • Ike: Countdown To D-Day

    Ike: Countdown to D-Day

    A study of the days leading up to the Normandy invasion through the eyes of Eisenhower and Winston Churchill.

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