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  • 30 Days of Night: Dark Days

    30 Days of Night: Dark Days

    Stella Olemaun relocates to L.A where she intentionally gets the attention of the local vampire population in order to avenge the death of her husband
  • 7th Cavalry

    7th Cavalry

    An officer accused of cowardice volunteers to bring back General Custers's body after Little Big Horn.
  • Bat 21

    Bat 21

    Two strangers develop an extraordinary rapport to help each other survive.
  • Billy Jack

    Billy Jack

    Ex-Green Beret hapkido expert saves wild horses from being slaughtered for dog food and helps protect a desert freedom school for runaway.
  • Blind Date

    Blind Date

    Bruce Willis stars as a young public-relations executive who goes on a remarkable and disastrous blind date with Kim Bassinger.
  • Boa Vs Phyton

    Boa vs. Python

    Scientists, the FBI and a group of hunters battle an 80-foot escaped python.
  • Breakout


    A pair of criminals hunt down the kids who witnessed them commit murder in the woods.
  • Casualties Of War

    Casualties Of War

    War is war. But murder is murder. An unforgettably haunting story of Vietnam... and its victims.
  • Crazy In Alabama

    Crazy In Alabama

    An abused wife heads to Hollywood to become a TV star while her nephew back in Alabama witnesses a racially motivated murder.
  • Dead Man Down

    Dead Man Down

    Victor, a professional killer and the right hand man to an underground crime lord in NYC, is blackmailed by Beatrice, crime victim seeking retribution
  • Face Of A Fugitive

    Face Of A Fugitive

    A fugitive bank robber, Jim Larson, is framed for the killing of a deputy. The accusation forces Jim to relocate and change his name.
  • Go


    The misadventures of a group of young people collide in Los Angeles, raucous underground scene.
  • Gunfighter


    Randolph Scott is the fast gun whose purpose is to cut a corrupt cattle baron down to size when the baron selfishly monopolizes the market.
  • Hangman's Knot

    Hangman's Knot

    At the end of the Civil War, a Confederate Major and his troops ambush a Union gold shipment.
  • Iron Eagle

    Iron Eagle

    Jason Gedrick is a teenager about to go to his high school prom when he learns that his father has been shot down near an unnamed Arab country.
  • King Rat

    King Rat

    Under the harrowing camp conditions one of the prisoners, Corporal King, rises to a position of power over his military and social superiors.
  • La Femme Nikita

    La Femme Nikita

    Nikita is slowly transformed from a cop-killing junkie into a cold-blooded bombshell with a license to kill.
  • London


    London is a drug laden adventure that centers on a party in a New York loft where a young man is trying to win back his ex-girlfriend.
  • Midnight Express

    Midnight Express

    A young American faces physical and emotional brutality in a Turkish prison after being caught smuggling drugs.
  • Mo' Money

    Mo' Money

    A young con artist tries to go straight by getting a job to be near a beautiful woman.
  • Resident Evil: Damnation

    Resident Evil: Damnation

    A sequel to the highly successful anime film Resident Evil: Degeneration
  • Revolver


    Jake is a hotshot gambler who always wins. When he wins a game against with Macha, a crime boss and casino owner, puts out an order for a hit on Jake
  • Roger Comran's Operation Rogue

    Roger Corman's Operation Rogue

    A terrorist organization in Southeast Asia has stolen materials to create a dangerous chemical bomb, and it is up to a team of Marines to stop them.
  • Sniper: Legacy

    Sniper: Legacy

    Tom Berenger is back in the next installment of this adrenaline-pumping combat thriller. Experience life or death inside the kill zone.
  • Stir Crazy

    Stir Crazy

    Take two guys, suitable for framing, get them in trouble, land them in jail... and you have a comedy guaranteed to drive anyone stir crazy.
  • Sunset


    A cowboy star and a legendary lawman team up to make a movie... and find out it can be murder.
  • The Assignment

    The Assignment

    Based on a true story, a look-alike American serviceman is recruited to assume the identity of the world's most wanted terrorist.
  • The Blob

    The Blob

    A malignant, gelatinous life form takes over a small town in this visually gut-wrenching thriller.
  • The Blue Lagoon

    The Blue Lagoon

    They were children, shipwrecked... and stranded on an enchanting island. What they found together was a perfect, natural love.
  • The China Syndrome

    The China Syndrome

    A TV reporter on assignment with her Photographer at a power plant learns of an impending control room crisis involving the plants supervisor.
  • The Deep

    The Deep

    A young American couple discover a rumored sunken World War II munitions ship while skin diving off the coast of Bermuda.
  • The Desperadoes

    The Desperadoes

    Trying to go straight, Cheyenne is enmeshed in a web of intrigue and killing that leads him to the brink of a lynching.
  • The Experiment

    The Experiment

    Twenty-four men who are pushed to the brink of madness when an experiment simulating life within a state prison spins horribly out of control.
  • The Greatest

    The Greatest

    Muhammed Ali plays himself in a reconstruction of the events that brought him to fame.
  • The Last Detail

    The Last Detail

    Two sailors are selected to escort a young emotionally withdrawn recruit from their West Virginia base to a prison in Massachusetts.
  • The Last Picture Show

    The Last Picture Show

    Brilliant study of life in a small Texas town during the 1950s, and how characters' lives intertwine.
  • The Razor's Edge

    The Razor's Edge

    An American WWI vet (Bill Murray) undertakes a spiritual quest that takes him from the Himalayas and back to his hometown.
  • The River Murders

    The River Murders

    When a series of murders common thread is their tie to the detective, the FBI steps in while the detective and his partner try to catch the killer.
  • The Toy

    The Toy

    A billionaire, his spoiled son and a writer hired to become a human toy, learn there are things money can't buy like love, in this heartwarming comedy
  • The Trial Of Billy Jack

    The Trial Of Billy Jack

    The record-breaking sequel to Billy Jack finds Billy trial and sentenced to prison while the Freedom School flourishes.
  • Toy Soldiers

    Toy Soldiers

    When narco-terrorists seize control of a boarding school, student troublemakers lead a resistance.
  • Trois 2: Pandora's Box

    Trois 2: Pandora's Box

    An unhappily married psychologist is influenced by a client to try out a no-holds-barred secret club.
  • Trois: The Escort

    Trois: The Escort

    When a rap concert he's promoting loses big money, Trent Meyer is forced to become a high-priced escort to pay off his debt to a ruthless mobster..
  • Unthinkable


    A psychological thriller centered around a black-ops interrogator and an FBI agent who press a suspect terrorist.