Inspired by Cyrano de Bergerac, the comic story of a man with the heart of a great lover, the soul of a poet, and the nose for trouble.

Release year: 1987
Runtime: 114 Minutes

Production Notes



Original Music by BRUCE SMEATON
Executive Producer STEVE MARTIN
Screenplay by STEVE MARTIN
Produced by

Columbia Pictures

Production Information
"Whom I love? Think a moment. Think of me
ne, whom the plainest woman would despise
Whom should I love? Why - of course - it must be
The woman in the world most beautiful!"
"Cyrano de Bergerac" - 1898
Steve Martin and Daryl Hannah star in Columbia
Pictures’ comedy romance "Roxanne," the story of a man who
has everything - as well as far, far too much nose -- and
so can only express his love for an intelligent, beautiful
woman through letters that she believes are written by a
more handsome man. It’s the classic triangle dilemma,
brought up to date as a laugh-filled contemporary comedy.
Steve Martin, writer and star of "Roxanne," has
borrowed from the traditional portrayal of the amorous
adventures of a l7th-Century Captain of the Guard, Cyrano de
Bergerac, and created a witty hero of the 1980s, Fire Chief
C.D. Bales of Nelson, Washington.
Shelley Duvall, Rick Rossovich, Fred Willard and
Michael 3, Pollard also star in the comedy, directed by Fred
Schepisi "Plenty," "Iceman" from the screenplay by Steve
Martin, Michael Rachmil and Daniel Melnick produced

A division of Columbia Pictures Industries Inc.
A subsidiary of
Columbia Plaza, Burbank, California 91505

"Roxanne," with Martin as executive producer of the Daniel
Melnick IndieProd and LA Films Production,

About the Story...

In the little ski resort town of Nelson, Washington,
Fire Chief C.D, Bales STEVE MARTIN, an engaging man who
enjoys the affection and respect of the entire town, also
possesses a remarkable, astonishingly large nose, about
which he can stand to hear no jokes.
Nelson’s Mayor Deebs FRED WILLARD is a Dacron-slick
gladhander with dozens of ideas for grabbing some publicity
for the little town and is one of Bales’ exasperatingly
unprofessional volunteer firefighters, who are far better at
starting fires than at putting them out.
In this summer off-season, a beautiful, intelligent
astronomer, Roxanne Kowalski DARYL HANNAH, visits the town
to search the mountain night skies for a new cornet, and to
forget an ended love affair, When she locks herself out of
her new home -- in the altogether -- C,D. gallantly rescues
her, and stays to share wine, gentle humor and the start of
a friendship.
Befriended by Dixie SHELLEY DUVALL, owner of the
town’s cafe, Roxanne finds herself attracted from afar to
another newcomer, C,D,’s imported professional firefighter
Chris RICK ROSSOVICH, whose shy bumbling she mistakes for
quiet strength. Roxanne confides her interest to the
secretly smitten C.D, who somewhat reluctantly passes the
news along to Chris. The uncomplicated young man is panic stricken
at the thought of carrying on a conversation with
the beautiful, accomplished woman, so CD agrees to
ghostwrite a letter to Roxanne - one that, unbeknownst to
Chris, is an outpouring of CO.’s own feelings for bet
Since it seems to both men that Roxanne wants, as Chris
tells it, ‘a man that looks like me and talks like you,’
the deception continues, until Roxanne has fallen in love
with the author of the passionate letters - white C.D.
remains certain that she could never love a remarkable face
like his.

Steve Martin was a driving creative force behind
‘Roxanne,’ as writer md star of the comedy. His inventive
comic mind was turned loose as he undertook the considerable
challenge of creating a l980s comedic hero based on the
witty work of playwright Edmond Rostand.
‘I was about 12 years old when I first saw the play
‘Cyrano .de Bergerac," remembers Martin, ‘and I found it to
be very compelling I kept thinking about it; the story and
structure are flawless; the play is moving, beautiful and
‘About four years ago,’ he continues, ‘I started
thinking that it also has everything you could want in a
movies romance, high comedy and a great story. It seemed a
perfect vehicle for me to update.

‘But the play is very, very 11th Century, especially in
the joke department1 And there are lots of sword Lights and
monasteries,’ be adds, ‘you know, things that don’t really
function much in our lives anymore.’
So Martin adapted the classic, retaining the triangle
dilemma, but moving the story to a modern-day trendy ski
resort town. ‘Roxanne’ was filmed in Nelson., a sleepy town
tucked away in the corner of British Columbia, Canada, for
three weeks, segueing to Vancouver and the town of Annore
for the remainder of the shoot.

‘C.D. Bales is Nelson’s Fire Chief, who, from his
youth, was ridiculed a Lot because of his, uh, feature,’
says Martin. ‘He’s very quick, very sophisticated as a
writer, end pretty much in control of his life, except for
his one handicap. He has been thinking up jokes about it
his whole life, collecting them. After a life of ridicule,
though, you become pretty defensive.’
The town’s handsome, inarticulate wordsman becomes
a tongue-tied firefighter in ‘Roxanne’; Cyrano’s brave
regiment has become his inept volunteer fire brigades C.D.
fights fires, not battles, rescues treed cats, not ladies’
honor. *But the story is still there,’ Martin says, ‘the
classic story of how this beautiful woman comes to
understand whom she really loves.’
"There are some classic scenes from ‘Cyrano .de
Bergerac’ that are going to surprise people in ‘Roxanne,"
promises director Fred Sohepisihas heart, romance and
poignancy, in great balance -- and a lot of great

The band of well-meaning but inept firefighters is
played, with manic intensity, by MICHAEL J. POLLARD, AX
As the young, uninspired suitor professes his love for
Roxanne, who listens above on her balcony, the original
17th-Century heroine of that classic scene could not
possibly imagine the lengths to which modern man could go to
maintain the "cover" of the true author of his beautiful
declarations of love -- or the hilarious pitfalls of
technology gone awry.
Technology also lent an important hand in providing
Martin with the imposing, legendary proboscis designed by
Michael Westmore. A specialty lab magic a plaster impression
of Martin’s own nose, and sculpted a genetically
appropriate, larger version. This they cast into a mold
from which they magic supply of foam-rubber noses -- at
least one a day was used for filming -- which were applied
with spirit gum, edges feathered with rubber, and blended
with Martin’s other facial make-up.
"This was, in some ways, one of the most difficult
‘jobs’ I’ve ever done," says make-up artist Frank Griffin,
"because we had to match the skin color, with very little
surrounding make-up to blend into, If it just ended
abruptly, it would stick out like a sore thumb.

Most recently winning raves as the demented dentist in
the film ‘Little Shop of Horrors,’ Martin’s other feature
film performances include the award-winning All of Me,’ the
western send-up ‘Three Amigos’ and his hugely successful
film debut in ‘The Jerk.’ He also starred in ‘Dead Men
Don’t Wear Plaid’ and ‘The Man With Two Brains.’
An Emmy Award-winning writer for television’s ‘The
Smothers Brothers Show,’ be also wrote for Bonny and Char,
Pat Paulsen and Glen Campbell.

Grammy Award winner for his first two comedy albums,
‘Let’s Get Small’ and ‘Wild and Crazy Guy,’ which also went
platinum, his novelty single recording of ‘King Tut’ also
sold a million and a half copies. His third album., ‘Comedy
Is Not Pretty, vent gold, selling over a million copies as
It was Martin’s performance in the ingenious comedy
‘A11 of Me,’ as the hapless attorney halfway possessed by
the prim soul of Lily Tomlin’s frail heiress, that brought.
him Best Actor awards from the New York Pils Critics Circle
and the National Board of Review. BC starred as the sheet.
music salesman who Bernadette Peters in the 1930*-
style song-and-dance musical ‘Pennies From Heaven,’ as well.
ne has hosted a dozen editions of ‘Saturday Night
Live,’ and appeared on ‘The tonight Show’ numerous times.

DARRYL HANNAH stats in the title role as the beautiful,
Intelligent ‘Roxanne,’ a woman who inspires love letters
From a man afraid to declare his love in person.
Hannah first won wide recognition as the mermaid who
loved a human in ‘Splash’ -- a far cry from the robot
gymnast she portrayed in the futuristic ‘Blade Runner’ or
the prehistoric pioneer she started as in ‘Clan of the Cave
Hannah bad appeared in her first television commercial,
in bet native Chicago, by the age of 11. She began
appearing at that city’s renowned Goodman Theater and baa
landed bee first feature film role as a ‘high school student,
Attending college at the University of Southern
California, the actress combined college study with roles in
the television series ‘Paper Dolls’ and feature films
including ‘Summer Lovers.’
She has since played a vandal in the film ‘Reckless,’
Mickey Rourke’s beleaguered girlfriend in ‘The Pope of
Greenwich Village’ and a troubled performance artist with
Robert Redford and Debra Winger in ‘Legal. Eagles.’

RICK ROSSOVICU stars in ‘Roxanne’ as Chris, the
tongue-tied, handsome suitor with nothing to say for
He previously appeared in the taut drama ‘Lords of
Discipline’ as Dante ‘Pig’ Pignetti, the man with the hair trigger
temper, and as Officer Codey in the rock n’ roll
fable ‘Streets of lire.’
Most recently, he appeared in a featured role in the
‘hit film ‘Top Gun.’

Producer MICHAEL RACEMIL’s previous feature film
credits include the taut thriller ‘The Final Countdown,’
‘Runaway,’ Steve McQueen’s final performance in
‘Hanover Street’ and ‘Quicksilver.’
Director FRED SCHEPISI adds ‘Roxanne’ to his list of
feature films, distinguished both by their skillful handling
and their unusual, marked diversity. A
The Australian-born director most recently guided Meryl
Streep’s electrifying performance as a woman in peacetime
London, sinking into obsession -with her more dramatic,
wartIme past, in ‘Plenty.’

Schepisi’s first two films, "The Devil’s Playground"
and "The Chant of Timiuie Blacksmith," were part of the new
wave that was instrumental in putting the Australian film
industry on the cinema map, winning plaudits at film
festivals around the world.
Schepisi’s first American film was the off-beat, well received
western "Barbarosa," starring Willie Nelson in the
title role, along with Mary Rusey.
Re followed this with the exciting drama "Iceman," in
which Timothy Hutton befriends a prehistoric man
miraculously thawed back to live after having been frozen
for thousands of years in the arctic, then must save him
from the scientific community that wants to study him.
director of photography TAN BASER is one of several
craftsmen who has collaborated with director Fred Schepisi
over the past 16 years on all of his previous films,
including ‘The Devil’s Playground," "The Chant of Jimmie
Blacksmith," "Rarbarosa," "Iceman" and "Plenty." He was
also the cinematographer on "The Clinic" and last year’s
popular TV mini-series starring Linda Evans, "The Last
"Ian Raker works very closely hand in hand with me.
This terrific relationship helps me start at a higher base level
every time, as a launching pad to go up hopefully to
higher things. don’t always have to explain why I’m
thinking things, and the look that he brings to a picture is
extraordinary,’ comments Schepist about his director of
Mother Member of Schepisi’s regular crew is Composer
BRUCE SIIEMO, who has worked On all of the director’s
films, ne has also scored ‘House on Sullivan Street’ for director Peter
Yates, the acclaimed DV series ‘P Tovn Like Alice’ and ‘Five
Mile Creek’ and the TV movie ‘Jackson’s Crew’ Other
futures he’s scored include ‘Departure,’ ‘Naked Country,*
‘Winds of Sarrah,’ ‘Squizzy Taylor,’ ‘Earthling’ and ‘The
Last of the Knucklelnen.’
Columbia Pictures presents a Daniel Nelnick IndieProd &
LA Film production of a Fred Schepisi Film, ‘Roxanne,’
star-ring. Steve Martin and Darryl Hannah. Produced by Michael
Rachmil and Daniel Nelnick and directed by Fred Schepisi
from a screenplay by Steve Martin, the film also stars
Shelley Duvall, Rick Roasovich, Fred Willard and -Michael 1.
Pollard. Steve Martin served as executive producer.

Cast and Crew


  • Steve Martin
  • Daryl Hannah
  • Shelley Duvall
  • Rick Rossovich
  • Fred Willard
  • Michael J. Pollard


  • Art DirectorDavid Fischer
  • Based on a Work byEdmund Rostand
  • Casting DirectorPennie DuPont
  • CinematographerIan Baker
  • ComposerBruce Smeaton
  • DirectorFred Schepisi
  • EditorJohn Scott
  • Executive ProducerSteve Martin
  • ProducerMichael RachmilDaniel Melnick
  • Production DesignerJackson DeGovia
  • ScreenplaySteve Martin
  • Set DecoratorKimberly Richardson
  • Supporting CastJohn KapelosMax AlexanderDamon WayansSteve MittlemanMatt Lattazani



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